90s Hits Radio

90s Hits radio is for those who were born in the last millennium and managed to catch the world's pop hits of different directions. There is no place for modern pops or club sets. The station broadcasts only the most popular hits of the 90s from the best foreign artists. They allow you to experience the atmosphere of those years, feel the mood of the end of the XX century. Nostalgia, caused by familiar motifs, is sure to cause a pleasant feeling of sadness and joy at the same time. You can listen to 90s Hits radio in any situation. Radio tracks online will be a great musical accompaniment on the road, when cleaning or performing work tasks. The music is ideal for themed parties, organized in the style of the nineties. Here, pop radio will help to create the right atmosphere, corresponding to the general stylistics. Famous melodic tracks with interesting vocal accompaniment will bring a pleasant smile to the face of each guest of the evening and fill the atmosphere with a great mood.