ABF 是一家法国电台,播放各种舞曲、电子音乐、电子和 EDM 舞曲。该电台位于巴黎,以英语和法语播出。ABF 致力于为听众提供来自世界各地的最佳舞曲。该电台播放最新热门歌曲和经典曲目,以及一些世界顶级 DJ 的独家混音。ABF 还采访了业内一些大牌人物,以及一些最热门的现场表演。凭借其多样化的音乐选择,ABF 一定会让听众整晚跳舞。

ABF is a French radio station that broadcasts a wide variety of dance, electro, electronic, and EDM dance music. The station is based in Paris and broadcasts in both English and French. ABF is dedicated to providing its listeners with the best in dance music from around the world. The station plays a mix of the latest hits and classic tracks, as well as exclusive mixes from some of the world’s top DJs. ABF also features interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as live performances from some of the hottest acts in the scene. With its diverse selection of music, ABF is sure to keep its listeners dancing all night long.

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