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BBC Asian Network 是由英国广播公司(BBC)拥有和运营的一家英国亚洲广播电台。该电台的目标受众是对“英国亚洲生活方式感兴趣”的人,尤其是18至34岁的英国亚洲人¹. 电台在伦敦的 Broadcasting House 和伯明翰的 The Mailbox 设有制作中心。尽管名字中包含“亚洲”,BBC Asian Network 仅涵盖印度次大陆,不包括其他亚洲地区,如日本和中国¹. 该电台主要播放英语节目,但仍保留了周日晚上的南亚语言节目。节目内容主要包括音乐和谈话节目。每周五下午3:00,电台播出由官方排行榜公司编制的“官方亚洲音乐排行榜”¹,该排行榜基于七天内的销售和流媒体数据。根据 RAJAR 的数据,截至2023年12月,该电台每周吸引了44.8万听众,收听份额为0.2%¹。

BBC Asian Network is a British Asian radio station owned and operated by the BBC. The station’s target audience is people “with an interest in British Asian lifestyles”, especially British Asians between the ages of 18 and 34. The station has production centres in London (Broadcasting House) and Birmingham (The Mailbox).
In mid 2017, BBC Asian Network’s management was merged with BBC Radio 1Xtra. Head of BBC Asian Network Mark Strippel was given joint control of both stations.
The station now broadcasts mainly in English, but has retained Sunday evening shows in South Asian languages. BBC Asian Network covers only the Indian subcontinent, with the rest of the continent – such as Japan, China, Hong Kong – not covered by the station.
The station’s output consists largely of music and talk programmes. On Fridays at 4:00 p.m., the station broadcasts The Official Asian Music Chart, compiled by the Official Charts Company and based on sales and streams across a seven-day period.

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