Eurodance Classic Radio

Listening to Eurodance Classic radio online means always being on the wave of cool disco hits of the 90s. Here are your favorite fiery pop hits, in which you can probably recognize the ones you heard at a party of your youth, somewhere in the House of Culture. The records with these club songs were mashed up by a tired DJ, and you were partying in the epicenter of the dance atmosphere. So why not dive into nostalgia with your head, erasing for a little while the half-dozen years from your passport? Eurodance Classic radio station is a club radio for any occasion! A party, maybe an after-party at home, or a drive through the night city? What's the difference when you're listening to these hits, your heart will be racing and you'll want to rip up the dance floor with incendiary dancing as if you're seventeen again. Do you like to get high with bright energetic music? Then this is your atmosphere!