Latin Jazz Radio

Latin Jazz is an online radio that is able to bring catching rhythms to the very heart from the very first minutes of the broadcasting and make the listener immediately go to the dance floor. Latin Jazz is shrouded in rhythmic motives and oriented on dance. It takes possession of the souls, thanks to the temperament and optimism of Afro-Cuban jazz, elastic rhythm and light sadness of the melting notes of Bossa Nova.
Latin Jazz is music for which it is worth listening to the radio, because it helps to touch the culture of its overseas founders. These are sultry Africa, and fervent Latin America, and rhythmic Caribbean, and restrained Europe. One should understand that this jazz movement has two large branches of Brazilian and Afro-Cuban jazz, each of which contains a mixture of cultures of local nations, their cultural identity. But the rhythm and hot temper unit them and dilutes the dullness of classical European jazz. If you listen to the compositions on the retro radio station, you can understand that the characteristic features of Latin Jazz are heard even among jazzmen who stood at the origins of classical musical movement, for example, the legendary Jelly Roll Morton. However, whole jazz orchestras did not deprive themselves of the pleasure of playing such interesting music. The online radio will allow you to feel all the charm and mystery of the genre and personally touch each masterpiece.