The Prophet

作曲 : Makeup and Vanity Set Ah,I am convinced that the Porphets of Doom have got to be taken serious. 我觉得那些相信地球末日存在的人应该被重视 In other words,Doom’s day is a possibility. 换句话说,地球的末日是有可能发生的。 I'm equally convinced that Doom’s day is not inevitable. 但我也同样相信地球的末日并非不可避免。 It has become apparent (ah) that today man's own activities have reached the scale where they are the principal determinants of his own future. 我们都知道如今的人类活动规模已经大到足够成为我们人类未来的重要决定因素。 For example,we are now ,today,effecting more changes- 就比如说,此时此刻,人类就正在对 in composition atmosphere,composition waters of the world,and even composition certain elements in our food chain. 大气成分、全球水域甚至还有我们食物链中的某些元素造成诸多(不好的)影响。 And we are making more changes in one generation than have been made in millions of years of human evolution. 而如今,仅仅我们这一代人所造成的环境变化就要比数百万年人类进化过程中的总和还要糟糕。 We don’t know excatly what will the ultimate impact of these changes. 我们仍不知道这些变化最终会引领我们人类走向什么样的结局。 But (they) we will do know that many of them are irreversible- 不过我们可以肯定的是,很多环境变化都是不可逆转的。 And many of them could be decisive in (if) their effects on man's future. 而且这些环境变化对我们人类的未来的影响甚至是决定性的。 人声采样来自1972年BBC采访Maurice Frederick Strong(已逝)