Buddha Bar Chill Radio

Online Radio Buddha Bar Chill broadcast avant-garde chillout and lounge music of the best DJs from around the world. Beautiful east motifs in electronic processing immerse the listener in a world of tranquility, nourish the imagination and improve the emotional state. The radio impresses with atmospheric, eclectic and exotic music with an excellent rhythm. Buddha Bar Chill Radio will be the perfect background for massage, meditation and spa.
In the live air of the Buddha Bar Chill radio station, you will hear musical compilations of African, Arabic, Turkish and Indian melodies. In a few seconds you can be transported to the most popular place in Paris, which was created by Raymond Vizan. Именно этот бар дал жизнь уникальному направлению в музыке. And his father was DJ Claude Challe. Dj Ravin, Markus Schulz, Deepak Ram, Riva Rathod and other star creators are waiting for you on the radio. Buddha Bar Hill is a special state of mind.