Night Jazz Radio

Night Jazz is also unique and independent, like the Noir genre or mystic movies. This music, flowing from the online radio, envelops the coolness of the night, the slowness of the flow of time past midnight. It’s like a black cat sneaking into a dark room and immersing you in the atmosphere of slow jazz improvisation. You want to listen to Night Jazz tirelessly on the radio, looking through the window and picking up soundtracks to the ever-sleepless bustling city in your head. The rhythms beat out, almost monotonously, and seem to hang in the tobacco smoke of smoky night bars, making the impression that the musicians have long been tired.
Surprisingly, such musical improvisation does not seem to be boring. Merging together, the saxophone, keys, electronic elements and light vocal convey the atmosphere of a not languid evening, but create unique images in your head that merge into one harmonious picture only thanks to the melody. The first tracks of Night Jazz that actively flowed from radio stations and bar stages were compositions by Bohren and Der Club of Gore. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones, Somewhere off Jazz Street also became no less interesting representatives of the movement. The online radio will delight you with these and many other compositions in the style of Night Jazz, demonstrating the amazing rhythm and originality of the genre.