需要从流行和摇滚的最新热门歌曲开始新的一天吗?聆听您内心的渴望,并收听 45-54 岁年龄段的热门电台 DR P4 København。它排名不。143 在我们的听众名单中名列前茅。这里为听众提供了很多三个播客和十七个流。DR P4 København 播放音乐和新闻的平衡混合。所有内容均以丹麦语提供。 Need a great start to the day with the latest hits from pop and rock? Listen to what your heart desires and tune into the popular station DR P4 København for the age group 45-54. It is ranked no. 143 on our top list from our listeners. Here the listeners are provided with a lot with three podcasts and seventeen streams. DR P4 København streams a balanced mixture of music and news. All contents are provided in Danish.

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