当您打开 DR P5 时,精选的热门歌曲让您度过美好的一天。在我们的排行榜上,第 384 位目前被 DR P5 占据。这里为听众提供了大量的三个播客和十七个流。DR P5 传输音乐和信息的平衡混合。丹麦节目的内容当然是用本国语言播出的。 A great selection of hits makes your day when you turn on DR P5. The three hundred and eighty-fourth place on our top list is currently occupied by DR P5. Here the listeners are provided with a lot of three podcasts and seventeen streams. DR P5 streams a balanced mix of music and information. The contents of the Danish program are, of course, broadcasted in the national language.

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