Sound of Rain and Calm Radio

The Sound of Rain and Calm radio station is a round-the-clock broadcast of relaxing sounds of natural phenomena that will not leave you unmoved. Just turn it on and relax. You can listen to the broadcast alone, when you want to indulge in pleasant memories or just relax. The sounds of rain, thunder and wind have a calming effect on the body before going to bed. You can give them to listen to the children who ran and jumped during the day. You hear – raindrops are falling outside the window, peace of mind and tranquility are born in the soul. The eyes close, the body is enveloped in tenderness. The Sound of Rain and Calm station will help you improve your sleep. Slowly close your eyes, completely relax and listen to the steady sound of rain outside the window. Wind gusts are heard against the background of the pouring water streams. But the room is warm, quiet, and cozy, and that's why the soul is calm. You hold out your palms and catch the drops of rain. And at this time the radio sounds of rain and thunder, which will help you fall asleep or concentrate your attention, relax before completing a task or a new project.